The Coming of HH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie to Chicago 2014


the_coming_of_hh_prince_ermias_sahle_selassie_to_chicago_2014HH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie will be in Chicago from about the 27th of June until the 29th of June. He will be officially touring the places that HIM Qedemawi Hayle Selassie’s visited in Chicago in the year 1954. Such places as the Chicago Defender Headquarters, South Park Baptist Church, etc. This tour is the 60th year anniversary celebration of the tour HIM made in 1954.

His Highness will be speaking at the Dusable Museum in Chicago for free from 1-4PM CST. The RasTafari Community of Chicago will also be having an official banquet and book signing the day before on the 28th of June in Evanston, A town directly bordering Chicago. However the banquet location isn’t set in stone at this point, but we know it will be in the Northern Chicagoland area, and so far Evanston has presented itself as the most ideal location.

InI pray this can bring together alot of RasTafari bredrens and sistrens worldwide as wel as the communit in Chicago.

Until the appointed time. More Love & More Life Wendim. Shalom RasTafari!

Holy Immanuel I, Negus Selassie I, YAH!!! RasTafari!


Ras Tzaddi Wadadah II Ben Levi

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